Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Moroccan Furniture To Make Your Home A Haven This Winter

There are those who like winter for its snow and for the holidays. It sure is fun to make snow men and play in the snow. But most people tire of these thrills pretty soon. All the slush and sleet makes it a daunting time for those who need to clean up the mess that’s brought indoors after being out in the snow. What you can do is to make staying indoors a lot more pleasant than being out. Create a warm cozy haven indoors for you and your family to retreat to when it is snowing outside. You could borrow some ideas from Moroccan décor to achieve this effect in an inexpensive and yet elegant manner.
A pouffe will bring a touch of exotic Moorish culture to any room. Your Moroccan pouffe can be aesthetically placed around a low Moroccan side table where tea is usually served. Or you could place a couple of them along your walls leaving space in the center of the room. Usually these Moroccan pouffes are made using high-quality genuine leather, hand-dyed and hand-stitched with expert craftsmanship. They are very beautiful and will improve the overall ambience of any room. Some interior decorators prefer to use one standard style of pouffe that most appeals to their senses across the home, while others like to mix and match various colors and styles to achieve their personal signature style.
The lighting you choose will make a difference to the ambience, and in turn, the mood of those present. You need to keep the size of your home and rooms in mind when deciding on which type of lighting fixtures will be most suitable. Rather than bright lights, using subtle lights strategically placed will help in creating a warm glow, suitable for a winter retreat. Moroccan light fixtures can help here.
Moroccan lighting fixtures consist of a variety of lamps, lanterns and chandeliers. Most of them are handmade using brass and have elaborate motifs made using intricate patterns of stained or clear glass. Some need to be put up on the walls while some need to be fixed to the ceiling. You could use candles or electricity, whatever suits your palate. The patterned, muted lights are extremely relaxing and comforting and will surely add to your winter haven ambience.
Moroccan décor is extremely versatile and affordable. You could use ornate mirrors on your walls for the radiant glow of mother-of-pearl inlaid in wood. Colorful rugs and throw cushions can be used to add to the overall effect. Strategically placed jewelry boxes and wall hangings can complete the Middle Eastern look.
Try out this look this year and see how guests, family and friends throng to your home this winter and shower you with compliments on your impeccable aesthetic senses.
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Moroccan Furniture-A Style Statement For Your Home

Nothing will help you make a style statement like the Moroccan style will. This style exudes exoticism and elegance and lets you display your personal touch both in the unique items and also in the way you arrange each item. Using Moroccan home decor and Moroccan furniture it becomes easy to set whatever mood you are aiming for your guests. It could be an exotic, romantic setup or a warm and cozy arrangement making them extremely comfortable. Moroccan furniture uses sturdy raw material like metal, wood and ceramic and hence is highly durable and is very sturdy. Hence whatever pieces of furniture or furnishings you will invest in will last for many years retaining their shape, almost without any signs of wear and tear.
If you have ever wondered why Moroccan furniture uses vibrant shades or where they get their inspiration from, here’s one plausible explanation for you. Morocco is situated in North Africa, where the sun is extremely hot and powerful. So the people of Morocco recreate the beauty of nature indoors in the form of a lively oasis that can be enjoyed away from the heat. Moroccan furniture and accessories are heavily adorned, and use rich, vibrant colors. Potted plants also play an important role in a proper Moroccan setup. Moroccan lamps and other types of Moroccan lighting are carefully placed for gentle lighting effects to complete the idyllic indoor oasis. The colors used are of course drawn from the Moroccan countryside. The crystal blue ocean waters and the golden sand of the desert, the orange sky at sunset and the red sky just before sunrise are marvelous sources of inspiration to the skilled artisans who use generation old techniques in their craftsmanship. They use various kinds of material to achieve different creative looks and feels. Their mosaics and motifs are unique. Since each is handmade, there are no two pieces of décor or furniture that are exactly alike. This is what makes Moroccan style décor so very unique.
Whether you want to completely redecorate your home or just add a few exotic and unique touches, here and there, is totally up to you. Your imagination and creativity, and, of course, your budget are the only constraints to how well you can make a style statement with your home. Then again, the budget is not a great restraint, since these amazing pieces of furniture and furnishings are available in different price ranges too. So go ahead and make your home your style statement!
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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Touch Of Exotic Elegance To Your Home With Moroccan Embellishments

Moroccan Furniture
What do you visualize when you think of a cozy and elegant home or a stimulating work place? You might think of comfortable seating, elegant tables and chairs, exotic drapes and carpets, and ornate lighting fixtures. You get all of these and more when you invest in Moroccan furniture and furnishings for your home or office. You give your home a Middle Eastern or Moorish appeal when you bring home a Moroccan pouf or a Moroccan lantern. Each Moroccan piece of furniture that you add to your home, talks to your guests about your exquisite aesthetic tastes in the matters of home décor. Even though it fits into any kind of theme you may have chosen for your home or office, every décor item is fit for a historical museum. No wonder then that Moroccan furniture is in vogue all over the world today.

Interior designers everywhere are talking about Moroccan décor these days and the reasons for that is that this style reflects various cultural influences, with the use of vivid colors and interesting patterns. Moreover, these décor items and furniture can be obtained in almost any budget, colors or sizes. Moroccan home décor will help you make a bold statement while adding elegance and an exotic appeal to your home. Moroccan furniture is made of leather, metal and wood which make them extremely durable and comfortable. Years of use will leave these items of furniture with very few signs of wear and tear. You could invest in just a couple of décor items to each of your rooms to add some zing to them, or you could plan for a Moroccan themed room where you can hold parties for your friends and family and bask in all the appreciation you are sure to get from your guests. Just a couple of Moroccan lanterns are enough to light up and liven up any corner of your home.

Skilled artisans create each piece of Moroccan furnishing using the colors of nature for inspiration and intricate patterns with their dexterous hands and ingenious traditional methods handed down from generations. Thanks to this fact, no two pieces of Moroccan furniture can ever be the same. You can safely pick up any piece of furniture or home décor knowing that it will lend its uniqueness to your home too. Moroccan home décor can be down to earth or lavish, depending only on your choice. Moroccan decor and furnishings can be found in various styles. So, your imagination is the only limitation to how beautiful your home can be. There are no set rules when it comes to Moroccan décor.

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Monday, 28 May 2012

E Kenoz Offers Elegant Moroccan Sconces Which Creates An Excellent Ambience

The term "sconce" is derived from Latin and French word which indicates covered or protected. The lighting of a room creates it’s ambience and that too depends on how the light is projected .The Moroccan Scones offered at E Kenoz do just that, it helps in directing the light upward which keeps the atmosphere of the room calm and comfortable .It is one of the mood setting part of the Moroccan furniture that E Kenoz offers to the world. Sconces were candlestick holders that were managed to light long castle corridors. These days’ scones find their use in modern homes to light up areas with a touch of calm and cool feel.

Moroccan Scones offered at E Kenoz are best suited for bedrooms where people want to relax after a long day and a very bright light is the last thing anybody would want. Also Moroccan Scones offered at E Kenoz are beautifully fitted in bathrooms where rough lighting is not at all welcome more specifically in ladies room where no women would want to see the intensified beauty spot on their face in the mirror. Like the Moroccan lantern, the best use for a Moroccan sconce is to highlight a particular object or for focusing on a one a particular task.

Moroccan sconces
At E Kenoz you will find handmade Moroccan sconces or you can select a stained glass design, which is just as perfect as a handmade one. Moroccan sconces come in variety of shapes like diamond, hexagons, and circles, curvy, triangular. The magic of Moroccan sconce found in E Kenoz is reserved for you to use it on very own wall, while attaching a little bit of art decor to catch the charming eyes. Moroccan sconces at E Kenoz are to be found in different colors and size to suits your unique requirements. At E Kenoz you will find various range of Moroccan home decor which include Moroccan pouf, Moroccan table etc.

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Aesthetic Appeal of Moroccan Décor & Moroccan Furnishing

If you are thinking about a makeover of your home, or for any of the rooms in your home, you might want to consider Moroccan décor which will offer you with one of the rich and classic looks that you want. It is easy to choose Moroccan furniture to help dress up any room in your house and enjoy the beautiful finish of the furniture. There are a plethora of styles and designs of the furniture to choose from, and if you are confused about the piece of decoration that will best suit your style; you can find the best selection and ideas online. Moroccan décor is a wonderful way to add a new look to your home, it brings in rich and elegant look of Moroccan furniture in any room. The best point of Moroccan Décor is that you can find the right kind of accessories for all the rooms .You have Moroccan tables that would look great in your living room area or you can also select from a number of pieces of furniture that would work great in the dining room. There are many options to choose from, and you can find the right pieces that work for your home and suits the budget and theme you have in your mind.

Moroccan Poufs
Depending on the type of furniture and the quality the prices Moroccan furniture vary a lot. If you have budget constraint and do not want to spend a lot of money, you might give a thought to used Moroccan furniture or discounted Moroccan poufs that will still look great in your home, but can help you save a lot of money. You can also look for deals or discounts that are offered online for Moroccan furniture, if you are lucky you might find the best deals on the beautiful furniture. Also if you are not sure if you could get a specific item or not, again the internet will come to your rescue, where you will find leads to various Moroccan furniture shops.

Moroccan lamps
You can also find other great looking items for your bedroom like dressers, storage shelves and bedding. Moroccan bedding is colorful and elegant; you will thoroughly enjoy the way that it will dress up the entire room and make your room look rich and beautiful. During your search for perfect homer décor you will realize the variety of designs that are available for you if you opt for the Moroccan home décor. You can choose the best look for each room in your home. There are various online stores that display the furniture on the website; you can take a look at them before deciding on how to decorate your room or house. If you intend to the Moroccan furniture online you can read the review of the stores online and once you are comfortable with the customer’s testimonies you can decide which store you would want to order the Moroccan furniture from. Not only furniture the Moroccan lamps are also appreciated worldwide for the touch of glamour that they lend to the rooms in which they are placed. Moroccan lights and lanterns are very popular because of their uniqueness and beauty, and these can prove to be a fantastic way for you to include Moroccan decor in your house simply and without a lot of money and effort.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ekenoz Offer Gift Certificates For Purchases From $50 to $1500

 When one thinks of a Moroccan home décor the first thing that comes to his or her mind is vibrant color and stunning accents. Moroccan furniture and home decor creates a special effect in your room, and make it very guest friendly area.
Moroccan  Tables
It is obvious that when you use Moroccan home decor you will never be anything less than thrilled about the way your home looks. It is also a very good gift item, anybody who receives a Moroccan home decor piece as a gift will feel extremely elated. The good news is E Kenoz offers gift certificates for amount higher than $50 and less than 1500.00.You can purchase the gift certificate online by filling a form which would require certain information like to whom ,from whom etc. Once you gift the certificate to somebody he gets the privilege of using his choice for buying any item from the various ranges of product like leather pouf, Moroccan décor or Moroccan table from E Kenoz. They also have exclusive collection of Moroccan Lamps and Lanterns which not only brighten up your homes but also set your home apart in class.

People are more appreciative of gift certificates than a gift as they have the liberty to buy the product of their own choice .When you buy a gift for somebody it is not always possible to know the recipient’s choices, so it is mostly the giver’s choice which might not always meet the recipient’s expectations, that is the last thing you would want while gifting someone. The best way to avoid such disappointments is to buy a gift certificate from E Kenoz of any amount within $50 to $1500.00 that suits you and hand it over to the person you want to gift. Thus you can avoid putting the person under the constraint of using something that he doesn’t like .On the other hand he can use the gift certificate to buy any Moroccan furniture item of his choice from E Kenoz. At E Kenoz you will find various range of Moroccan home decor which include Moroccan pouf, Moroccan table etc..

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Moroccan Table Showcases Exquisite Craftsmanship

Moroccan tables represent some of the finest and most beautiful craftsmanship in its category. All the tables are generally handmade, some are hand painted with Moorish motifs and some are inlaid with camel bone whereas some others are hand carved. In general the collection of Moroccan table includes coffee tables, end tables and also nightstands. Most of the tables are unique and made by some of the finest artisans.
Moroccan tables
There is a lot of difficulty in choosing the Moroccan table for decoration as there is a huge variety, selection of the table depends on the message that you want to convey with the decoration. Along with the table you also need to decide what else in the room needs to be removed or to be added in order to make a perfect blend and add to the statement. It’s hard to believe that something as simple as a table can make such a huge difference. You can take a look at a more exotic theme and style for a table, one that is well known for its diversity and color.  Modern day home owners are largely opting for Moroccan style of decoration that includes Moroccan tables.

The Moroccan style blends in traditional and modern concept of decoration in a fabulous way. The country of Morocco itself is a culmination of influences which are blended together, with various cultures influencing the people and land. It is very interestingly situated between the continents of Africa and Europe, as well as between the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. The country actually acts as a passage between these many influences, hence the Moroccan tables constitutes of a number of elements from many other countries. The Moroccan table style is influenced by Spain, Syria, Arab, France, Turkey, Portugal, Africa, Islam, Persia, the Mediterranean, and others. A Middle Eastern table design is a good one to choose from and gives you lots of options. With this theme you can choose a Syrian table, Arabian table, Turkish table or a Persian table.

So, if you have decided to decorate your house with a Moroccan decor and by using tables you still need to decide what kind of table to choose. Ideally you should look at your room and decide what kind of Moroccan tables would best fit into the room. Based on the shape and size of the room you can decide whether you want a Moroccan side table or a Moroccan Tray table

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Moroccans Pouf - A Unique Décor For Your Living Room

You can create a new home décor statement by choosing the Moroccan style of home decoration. This style provides elegance without suppressing your personal touch. When you decorate your living room there are certain standard items that will always come and that everyone considers. Commonly you would come across a sofa, an armchair, a television and some furniture for the television to stand on. However there are various other items of Moroccan furniture that you can add to your living room which are a bit rarer and can offer a different range of benefits. For example you can have a decorative chest to add storage space to a room and also to enhance the look of your living room.

Moroccan Furniture

A Moroccan pouf is another specialized item, it is an item of furniture not found in everyone's living room, and at the same time it is one that has multiple uses. You can also get leather poufs which are very attractive to look at so that way you would have already added to the aesthetics of the room. Although, the main objective of a pouf is to be used as a foot rest they also add to the beauty of the room. They are usually soft and comfortable, specifically the leather poufs and are just the right height to be at the right foot level while you are sitting down on another item of furniture. This immensely increases the comfort of all your furniture as you can enjoy a far more reclined position and take the pressure off from the soles of your feet. It gives a great feeling and relaxes the feet completely after you have spent the whole day running and walking around. At the same time sitting in this position also has a wide range of health benefits and is good for the circulation of blood too among other things.
If you have guests around then the living room generally gets very busy while you're entertaining them and few people have enough chairs around that they're ready for every possible contingency. A Moroccan pouf is something that can be used to sit on other than the floor that won't take up much room and also won't block your eye-line. It's perfect for kids who come along with friends or family, as the height of a pouf is low, there is no chance of kids falling from it and injuring themselves. In short, Moroccan poufs or leather poufs are great addition to your living room.
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