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Splash Colors And Style In Your Home With Moroccan Style Decor

Moroccan style is classy, vibrant, colorful and unique. The unique carvings, mother of pearl inlays, mosaics, Moroccan Décor, here’s what you can do to bring that Moroccan charm in your home.
Moroccan Decor
and beautiful Arabic geometric patterns can make anyone go crazy about them. Even a hint of Moroccan style is enough to add that wow factor in your room. So, if you too are a fan of

•  Colors used in Moroccan style décor are quite rich; therefore, make sure to add lot of bright colors to your walls. You may choose vibrant colors like blue, green, orange, red etc. This style draws colors from nature and landscapes of Morocco. If you don’t like overdoing things, you may also use shades of teal and yellow.

•  Rich textures and patterns is the USP of Moroccan Style interior design, making it look really sophisticated and classy. Therefore, make sure the fabrics that you use for your curtains, sofas and cushions have rich colors and textures. To add that extra oomph in your Moroccan style home, you can even use Moroccan style poufs that are made of soft leather and have beautiful designs on them.

•  Exquisite, ethnic, hand-crafted furniture adorned with beautiful patterns and intricate carvings is the specialty of Moroccan style décor. Moroccan furniture like poufs, dressing tables, Moroccan tables etc. come in many shapes and patterns. Some of the wooden and metallic furniture is also decorated with delicate mother of pearl inlays and mosaics, giving it a magical charm which is unique to Moroccan style furniture. Add Moroccan style tables and side tables to your home décor, to add that quaint, magical Middle Eastern charm to your home.

•  To create the perfect ambience and atmosphere inside your Moroccan inspired home, you can add Moroccan lights. Moroccan Lights will not just lighten up your rooms but also, your mood.

•  To complete the overall look of your Moroccan inspired home, you can place Moroccan coffee table or Moroccan Chess Table in a corner. They not just look great but also are very useful when you sit and enjoy light moments with your friends and loved ones.

Once you have the right furniture and accessories for your home, creating the perfect magic with Moroccan style shouldn’t be difficult for you. Ekenoz is a locally owned and operated Egyptian family company that offers exquisite Moroccan style products. The company sells only the best, hand-made products that are great in style and unmatched with fans world over. For beautiful and authentic Moroccan style furniture and lamps, visit Ekenoz at - http://www.ekenoz.com/.

How To Use Moroccan Lighting To Add Life To Your Home Décor

Moroccan Home Decor
Ever wondered why we feel depressed and gloomy in a dark room whereas, we feel happy on a bright, sunny day? It happens because human mood is greatly affected by light. Therefore, by making proper use of light in your home you can not just stay in a positive mood always but also, can create a magical ambiance to any space in your home or office. In typical Moroccan Home Décor, lighting has always been used to create various styles and moods. So, if you too want to give your interiors a cool makeover using lights, then here’s what you need to know.

•  Lights recessed into the ceilings of cabinetry provide subtle light sources that liven up your room and don’t irritate your eyes.

•  Illuminate dark areas: Wall lights can be a great help if there are darker areas in your rooms and corridors. Make sure your staircases and corridors are well lit to give your home a lively and inviting feel. To give your home décor a quaint touch you may use Moroccan lamps like-Moroccan Brass Wall Lamp Sconce Lighting, available at Ekenoz’s website.

•  Candles are always great for creating a casual or even romantic atmosphere. There are some specially designed light bulbs that stimulate the light that comes from candles. You can easily find many interesting options like Moroccan Candle Lantern at Ekenoz’s website.

•  The primary purpose of your bed-room and living room is to relax or socialize, so avoid having too much glare in these areas, or your eyes will never get chance to relax. For subtle yet stylish lighting in these areas you may use Moroccan lanterns like-Moroccan Chandelier Lantern. It will not just up the style quotient of your room but will also, create perfect ambience to sit and have fun conversations with your loved ones.

•  If you want to accent architectural elements in your home such as a fireplace mantel, you can do so by track lighting.

By making proper use of lights we cannot just accentuate the best features of our home but also hide its flaws. Therefore, we must give lighting a careful thought while designing our homes. We should choose our accessories and products wisely and buy them only from a trusted source like Ekenoz. Ekenoz is a top-notch company selling the best and unique Moroccan style products.

Ekenoz is a locally owned and operated Egyptian family company that offers exquisite Moroccan style products like Moroccan tables, Moroccan lamps, poufs etc. All the products are hand-made, which means each and every product is unique and full of Moroccan charm. 

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Give Your Home A More Exotic Touch With Moroccan Decor

Moroccan furniture and décor are in vogue these days, thanks to the blend of the oriental touch and modernity that they bring to the décor around. An oriental touch in décor always lends its surroundings an exotic appeal, full of romance and intrigue. Modernity in furniture and décor makes these designs sleek and space-saving. Moroccan décor is a confluence of cultural influences from Arabia, the Mediterranean and many of the other dynasties that ruled over Morocco in the past. You get all this to your home, when you invest in Moroccan furnishings.

Moroccan style products are generally handmade by highly skilled artisans, using techniques and materials that have been in use by generations of local artisans.  The know-how for this art is passed from generation to generation by only word of mouth. This renders each piece of Moroccan décor or furniture unique – absolutely one of its kind. It’s no wonder then that homemakers and interior designers have become huge fans of Moroccan interior décor.  Moroccan lamps, lanterns, sconces, chandeliers, and pendant lights are in d emand the world over due to the finesse in their artistry and versatile functionality. The intricate art work provides a fine visual effect using light and shadows, casting flecks of light on everything around and giving it an ethereal look. Moroccan lighting can be used to complement whichever theme you have chosen for your rooms or gardens. They will be sure to infuse your home with a warm and exotic feel.

Moroccan furnishings are not limited to just lighting effects. A Moroccan pouf will add that bit of extra comfort and Moroccan feel to your rooms. Coupled with a Moroccan table, the setup can be used as a fashionable tea table setting. The Moroccan poufs are usually hand-dyed and hand-stitched and are made of high quality leather. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes that suit your room décor and the mood you would like to set. Moroccan tables are ornate pieces of art with delicate, elaborate detailing. Whether it is a side-table, or a tea table, Moroccan tables will reflect your amazingly refined aesthetic senses. Moroccan interior décor makes good use of mirrors to provide colorful reflections and subtle light refractions coupled with the play of lights from the intricately carved lanterns. These mirrors include embellishments made of mother-of-pearl, metal or jewels, intricate iron or woodwork and frames that extensively use the onion dome shape. Whether your preference is for urban Moroccan decor or rural Moroccan décor, you will have a home that is aesthetically appealing and extremely functional furniture and decor. The urban Moroccan decor uses ceramics, leather, metal and wood while the rural décor Moroccan includes fabrics and embroideries with an emphasis on the use of rugs which highlights a Middle Eastern influence. There is a wide variety of cushion covers, mirror frames, jewelry boxes, and wall hangings which will give your home that classy touch which is so popular in home-oriented magazines.

So, take your pick from the dazzling Moroccan lighting fixtures, tables, poufs, or other home décor items to turn your home into an Oriental retreat that you would love to flaunt and your guests would love to haunt. For more information on Moroccan products and pricing,.

Create a Relaxing Environment with Moroccan Interior Design

Create a Relaxing Environment with Moroccan Interior Design
With a history that spans thousands of centuries and a culture influenced by African, Middle-Eastern and European conquests, it’s no wonder that Morocco is a country associated with a distinct decorative style. Bright colors, intricate patterns, plush textiles and hand-crafted furniture are hallmarks of Moroccan interior design. The Moroccan decorative style infuses a home with a distinct atmosphere as well, establishing a warm, welcoming and relaxed mood that’s hugely appealing.

Moroccan Style from the Ground Up
When it comes creating a soothing home environment, few other decorative styles better reflect the understanding that relaxation is a core component of effective interior design. Rooms decorated in the Moroccan style invite family and guests to lounge at their ease. Because interiors are most viewed from a seated position, the decorative style begins from the ground up, most often with eye-catching Moroccan tiles. In the warm climate of the Mediterranean seaside and hot desert sands, ceramic tile flooring offers cool comfort. Influenced by the aesthetic of Islamic cultures, Moroccan tiles feature bright colors as well as earth tones, all arranged in intricate geometric patterns.
If redoing your floors in Moroccan tiles isn’t an option, consider using them to ornament the space. Line a wall with colorful tiled wainscoting. Cover a table top with the tiles to create an instant focal point. Even a few of the tiles arranged as wall art will go a long ways towards imbuing a room with Moroccan style.
Soft to the Touch
Moroccan décor pays respect to all of the senses. It’s not enough for seating to be comfortable. Chairs, sofas and ottomans should appeal to the sense of touch as well. From luxurious area rugs and silky draperies to plush cushions and floor pillows, the Moroccan decorative style is about tactile surfaces. Moroccan textiles often have embellishments like cording, tassels and edging that enhances their textural appeal.
The Well-Traveled Look
Effective Moroccan interior design rarely looks as if the décor were added all at once but rather as if items were collected through extensive travel over time. While items like hand-worked metal lanterns, hand-woven rugs and hand-carved tea trays are essential components, other accessories should reflect your own individual taste. Look for unique items made from natural materials like wood, metal, clay and stone.
Signature Style Pieces
No matter what decorative style you choose for your home, each room benefits from strong focal points that establish and define the room’s overall style. Moroccan signature style pieces include furnishings like an ornately carved wood occasional table and accessories like a stylish chandelier hand-crafted in metal. A lattice-covered window treatment or draping canopy can also make an effective focal point.
You can take a look at a few attention-grabbing features, some interesting collectibles and an aesthetic that focuses on comfort and ease, it’s easy to creating a relaxing home environment in the Moroccan decorative style.

Moroccan Lighting Pendants & Lanterns To Brighten Up Your Home

Moroccan Lighting Pendants & Lanterns To Brighten Up Your Home
Have you decorated your home in the basic neutrals found in many modern, contemporary or transitional decors? Are now wondering how you can get on board with the new trend of adding color to your decor without having to engage in a complete redecorating project? One incredibly easy and dramatically effective ways to bring color and beauty to your home is with the use of Moroccan lighting.

Moroccan lights are revered for their decorative design and brilliant color. There are many places in your home where you can add colorful Moroccan lanterns. A breakfast nook or intimate dining area would be an ideal location for a Moroccan lantern. The suspension of an intricately detailed lantern with colorful cut glass designs would add elegance to your dining space.
Moroccan lanterns could be used in a foyer or living room to add artistic interest and color to the frequently used neutrals that dominant a modern or contemporary decor. If you aren’t quite ready to bring in a mixture of colors to your decor, you can still take advantage of the regal beauty and richness of a Moroccan lantern. Instead of selecting a lantern for it’s color quality, make your selection based on the interesting shape and immensely attractive detailing included in the lantern design.
If you want to create a romantic or luxuriously relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, Moroccan candle lanterns are an ideal lighting choice. You can find designs with colored glass such as deep rich blue, passionate red or serene amber. These lanterns could be the quickest, easiest and most budget-friendly was to increase the level of elegance in your bathroom. They can also add ambiance to a bedroom decor.
When considering the addition of Moroccan lights to your home, pendant lights should be at the top of your priority list. Moroccan pendant lights are available in a variety of sizes and styles. A cylinder pendant light with silver filigree would be an exquisite addition to a bathroom, bedroom or various other areas throughout your home. Pendant lights with Moroccan influence in their design can add an element of softness or femininity to a modern or contemporary decor.
Moroccan chandelier pendants are great for dining areas, living areas and various other large spaces in your home. These larger pendants feature the same stunning design as smaller pendant lights. They may involve an arrangement of several lights hanging at different lengths. The visual affect this causes is quite mesmerizing.
Do you have a dark corner in your home? If so, all you need to transform that unappealing area of a room into a spectacular eye-catching area is a gorgeous Moroccan pendant light.If you prefer something a little more subdued, you could turn that corner into a relaxing retreat illuminated by a small, but intricately detailed Moroccan lantern or pendant light

Create An Aesthetically Appealing Home With Moroccan Designs

There’s beauty, excitement and intrigue in diversity. Perhaps it is the unique differences found in Moroccan culture that make Moroccan designs so mysterious, alluring and exquisitely attractive. Another aspect of their culture that makes Moroccan interior design so aesthetically stunning is the use of handmade items in the decorative accessories and furnishings.

No portion of a Moroccan style room is left unadorned. Ceilings, walls, and floors are either painted, stenciled or tiled to enhance the richness of the atmosphere in the room. Zellij tiles are used to energize walls and floors. They are also used as embellishment around fireplaces and various other areas of the room. One sure way to elevate the intense beauty of a Moroccan decor is to include an uniquely crafted rug that epitomizes Moroccan tribal design.
The choice of lighting is a major component in achieving a specific atmosphere or decor theme in any room. Ekenoz easily demonstrates that Moroccan interior design requires the inclusion of various types of lighting. Lanterns are often used to create the somewhat mystical atmosphere typically found in Moroccan decor. Highly decorative wall sconces are also a frequently used lighting source. Wall sconce lighting is ideal for creating a specific mood in a room. You will often find lanterns used in a Moroccan theme room. Intricate detailing, meticulous design and intense color define Moroccan lighting.
Moroccan furniture simply must be described as impressive. It’s dramatic and bold design adds affluence to the atmosphere of any room. The architectural detailing and stunning tile designs on chests, tables, accent chairs and armoires gives each piece a unique quality that almost defies description.
A Moroccan style sofa with its spectacular, colorful and luxuriant upholstery can be one of the most stunning aspects of a living room design. There’s no other sofa design that compares to a Moroccan style sofa. Although it is impressive due to its vibrant upholstery and construction style, some of these sofa designs go one step further and include embellishments such as tassels and fringe. Bold fabric can add to the aesthetic appeal of the room.
You can definitely increase the beauty of your home by including a Moroccan bed in your master bedroom. The architectural detailing of these beds creates an astonishing focal point in the room. Moroccan bed designs include those with intricate carving, stunning upholstery and exquisitely painted headboards. You’ll feel like royalty when you step into a bedroom furnished with Moroccan furniture, complementary accessories and sensuous lighting.
Architectural designs are a large part of Moroccan decor. You can immediately introduce your guest to the beauty of Moroccan design by including a grandiose, architecturally impressive mirror in the foyer of your home. Being greeted by such beauty will raise their level of curiosity as they eagerly wonder what mesmerizing, tantalizing elements of intrigue await them as they progress farther into your home.