Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Best Example Of Exquisite Craftsmanship – Moroccan Tables

A table is a must in a living room. Having a bedside table in the bedroom is also a convenient place to keep your alarm clock and book. If these tables are attractive pieces of art too, in addition to their functionality, it is like getting a bonus.
Moroccan tables are an example of the finest craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Each table is handmade, and while some are hand-painted with intricate motifs, others are inlaid with camel bone or mother-of-pearl, while still others are hand-carved. The collection includes side tables, coffee tables, end tables and nightstands.
The Moroccan style blends the traditional and modern styles of decoration in a seamless blend. All Moroccan furniture and furnishing pieces are unique and exquisite works of art, made by a master craftsman by hand. You may find it hard to believe how much of a difference a simple piece of furnishing, such as a table, can bring to a room.
Moroccan Side Table
Moroccan tables are built on straight lines with explicit detailing to enhance the décor of your room. You can easily visualize the enthusiasm of a group of people gathered around a Moroccan coffee table that is ornate enough to be used by a king. The contemporary designs on the table top are made using pearl inlay, camel bone construction, and hours of intricate hand-engraving work. A Moroccan side table will never be relegated to being just a place to keep the remote control. It will stand out as an indication of your refined aesthetic senses and your admiration for the best décor style, exotic cultures, and handmade art.
Moroccan tables are not mass produced in a factory by unskilled workers. Each table is a genuine masterpiece that has been created using techniques passed down from generation to generation of skilled artisans. This is true of every piece of décor used in Moroccan interior decoration. When you buy a Moroccan table you are paying a tribute to those skilled artists who create these works of art.
Really, Moroccan décor is the way to go if you want to make your home a cozy haven that you can retreat to whenever you want to escape from the banalities of day to day life.
If you are among those who get frustrated with the same old designs that most home furnishings stores have to offer, check out and welcome the refreshing change that Moroccan style décor can bring into your home and your life.

Moroccan Seating For A Cozier Living Room

The Moroccan style of interior decoration brings a touch of class, elegance and opulence that no other style can single-handedly manage to bring to your home or workspace. Applying this style to your living room is really easy since all you need to keep in mind is the aesthetic appeal and the comfort that you provide to those who enter this Oriental retreat.
Moroccan Pouf
The common furniture items that you would expect in a living room are some seating, a table or two, and lighting fixtures. The gadgets that you would like to use for your recreation may be placed as per your preferences. And, of course, there are the add-ons like the curtains, the carpets and such that you may or may not use, since they are not strictly necessary to the look or use of the room. For instance, an ornate chest of drawers would do wonders to enhance the overall look of your living room while adding invaluable storage space, but it is not as necessary in a living room as seating like a Moroccan Ottoman Pouf.
You can begin with deciding whether you want one huge Moroccan chandelier in the centre of your room or sconces along the wall or in the corners. Would you rather have pendant lights in diagonal corners of the room with intricately patterned Moroccan table lamps lighting up the remaining corners? Each kind of fixture has a different appeal and use.
Another necessary piece of furniture in a living room is a table. Moroccan tables are intricate pieces of art that are extremely versatile in the uses they can be put to. You can use them as side tables to hold your table lamp or as coffee tables. They are ornate enough to grace an art museum. The versatility of Moroccan style décor is reflected very well in these tables.
The seating can be Moroccan pouffes or Ottomans that are color coded or of various hues in bright contrast. You will be spoilt with the number of options that are available in the seating that Moroccan décor offers. There are hand-dyed leather Ottomans that make for comfortable seating for one person or two. They may be soft or sturdy. There are some that can be used for storage or as a table too. Besides they are safe for kids since these items are never too far from the ground and you don’t need to worry about a child taking a tumble from the top of a pouf. Originally these pouffes were intended as footrests. Even now they do serve the purpose if you are using normal height chairs along with the ottomans. In this case these Moroccan pouffes will offer great comfort to your guests by allowing them to rest their sore feet while reclining comfortably in the chairs.
In short, Moroccan poufs or leather poufs are great addition to your living room. For more details about Moroccan seating options, log on to