Thursday, 15 December 2011

E Kenoz Offers Discount For Interior Designer And Also Wholesale Discount

Vibrant color and stunning accents are a part of Moroccan home decor. With Moroccan furniture and home decor you can have a special effect in your room, and will make it a place where guests and friends will want to hang out. It is guaranteed that when you use Moroccan home decor you will never be anything less than thrilled about the way your home looks. E Kenoz offers wholesale discount and also a discount for interior designer proficient in Moroccan style of decoration. They also have exclusive collection of Moroccan Lamps and Lanterns which not only brighten up your homes but also set your home apart in class. The Moroccan lanterns that you find in E Kenoz do not come in any type-cast style; instead each piece is a unique and original piece of art that is to be cherished. The lighting fixtures have vivid details that are eye-catching.

Moroccan lanterns
Similarly the Moroccan furniture that you find in E Kenoz are authentic, high quality and beautiful. You might be wondering that beauty doesn’t come cheap so all the items at E Kenoz must be really expensive. The good news is that E Kenoz offers wholesale discount and also a discount for interior designer. So when you look at the items that are hand carved, of quality wood, and contain elaborate decorations you do not have to worry about the price. Moroccan furniture is meant to be passed down through the generations without losing its beauty in appearance, and these pieces can consist of varying patterns such as geometric and floral. So every penny paid for it is just worth it.

At E Kenoz you will find Moroccan home decor which include Moroccan pouf, Moroccan table etc  A pouf which is used for sitting adds a touch of Moroccan culture to any room, it is generally of very less height and is close to the floor. Take advantage of the discount offer at E Kenoz to beautify your home in a Moroccan style.

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